Oxygen/Propane 18/90 Cutting Set

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Unlock precision and reliability with our Oxygen/Propane 18/90 Cutting Set, meticulously designed to enhance your cutting experience. Crafted for professionals, this comprehensive set includes everything you need to tackle cutting tasks with ease and efficiency.

Included in the set:

  1. Single Stage Oxygen Plugged Regulator (300 Bar): Ensure optimal oxygen flow for seamless cutting operations.
  2. Single Stage Propane Plugged Regulator (25 Bar): Regulate propane supply with precision for consistent performance.
  3. NM 18/90 Cutting Torch: Engineered for durability and precision cutting.
  4. In Line Flashback Arrestor – Oxygen: Enhance safety with reliable oxygen flashback protection.
  5. In Line Flashback Arrestor – Fuel: Safeguard against fuel-related flashbacks for worry-free cutting.
  6. 10mm Blue Hose (10m) fitted with 3/8” Check Valve: High-quality hose for secure and efficient oxygen delivery.
  7. 10mm Orange Hose (10m) fitted with 3/8” Check Valve: Durable hose designed for reliable propane supply.
  8. PNM Cutting Nozzle 1/32”: Precision-cutting nozzle for intricate jobs.
  9. PNM Cutting Nozzle 3/64”: Versatile nozzle for various cutting applications.
  10. Single Flint Lighter: Easily ignite your torch for quick start-ups.
  11. Combination Spanner: Convenient tool for adjusting and maintenance.
  12. Stainless Steel Tool Case: Securely store and transport your cutting set with style and durability.

With our Oxygen/Propane 18/90 Cutting Set, you can elevate your cutting capabilities, maximize efficiency, and achieve superior results with every use. Invest in quality, invest in precision – choose our cutting set today!



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