Welding & Cutting Sets

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  • Propane Torch Kit

    Bullfinch Standard Propane Torch Kit – 140P


    Bullfinch standard propane torch kit, assembled for use, with strong steel spring handle for contractors’ use. The burner supplied gives a general purpose flame. Torch operates on propane at high pressure (0.35 – 2 bar).

  • 0005430 gas equipment case stainless steel

    Gas Equipment Case (Stainless Steel)


    Starparts G-Tech Stainless Steel Tool Case

  • 0007198 lightweight welding cutting set

    Lightweight Welding & Cutting Set


    Set Includes:- Single Stage 2 Gauge Oxygen Regulator 300 Bar Single Stage 2 Gauge Acetylene Regulator 25 Bar In Line Flashback Arrestor – Oxygen In Line Flashback Arrestor – Fuel 6mm Blue Hose 5m fitted with 1/4” Check Valve 6mm Red Hose 5m fitted with 1/4” Check Valve Lightweight Shank Lightweight Cutting Attachment Lightweight Mixer…

  • Oxygen/Acetylene 18/90 Cutting Set

    Oxygen/Acetylene 18/90 Cutting Set


    Introducing the Oxygen/Acetylene 18/90 Cutting Set, meticulously engineered to meet your cutting needs with precision and reliability. This comprehensive set includes: Single Stage Oxygen Plugged Regulator (300 Bar): Ensures optimal oxygen flow for efficient cutting operations. Single Stage Acetylene Plugged Regulator (25 Bar): Regulates acetylene flow for consistent performance and safety. NM 18/90 Cutting Torch:…

  • Oxygen/Propane 18/90 Cutting Set

    Oxygen/Propane 18/90 Cutting Set


    Unlock precision and reliability with our Oxygen/Propane 18/90 Cutting Set, meticulously designed to enhance your cutting experience. Crafted for professionals, this comprehensive set includes everything you need to tackle cutting tasks with ease and efficiency. Included in the set: Single Stage Oxygen Plugged Regulator (300 Bar): Ensure optimal oxygen flow for seamless cutting operations. Single…