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Not only do we offer hire helium gas in Kent and London, but we also provide nationwide delivery for our Helibox and inflator products. Wherever you are located in the UK, you can benefit from our Helibox and inflators. The Helibox is the perfect solution for storing and transporting helium gas cylinders safely and conveniently, while our inflators are designed for efficient and precise helium gas dispensing.

Cylinder Information

Cylinders of balloon gas come in different sizes so the number of balloons you can fill depends on the cylinder size chosen.

The charts should be helpful in determining the size of cylinder required as we show the average number of latex balloons that can be expected from the cylinder (if the balloons are inflated correctly).

9” balloons are based on an average volume of 0.007 m³ per balloon. 11” balloons are based on an average volume of 0.011 m³ per balloon.

Gas Sizes

Gas Operating Instructions

Balloon Gas Operating Instructions

Safety Advice

It is essential you read these instructions before using your first cylinder of balloon gas.
→ Store the cylinder in an upright position, and secure properly to prevent toppling. Safety stands and straps may be purchased separately from BOC
→ Always keep the cylinder in a well ventilated area
→ Do not store in damp areas
→ Fire hazards and sources of heat should be avoided
→ In the event of a fire, vacate the area and call the Fire Brigade informing them that the cylinder of balloon gas is there
→ Balloon gas is stored at high pressure, to avoid accidents, the cylinder valve should never be opened without the appropriate filling kit attached, and should be tightly closed when the cylinder is not in use
→ Ensure there is good ventilation when cylinders are carried in vans or cars, and that cylinders are always secured during transit. 
→ You must always remove the filling kit if moving the cylinder any distance or ceasing to use it. Remember to turn off the cylinder valve and release pressure in the filling kit before removing it

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