Gas Trolleys

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    Cylinder & Crate Trolley


    Cylinder & Crate Trolley. Ideal for hoteliers and caterers for setting up temporary bars in function rooms, marquees etc. Trolley provides a secure stand for gas cylinder when in use Zinc Plated Toe plate 195mm deep x 280mm wide x 5mm thick 250mm puncture proof wheel. Weight – 12.5kg

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    Gas Cylinder & Drum Trolley


    BuxTrux Gas Cylinder & Drum Trolley with 400 x 100mm Pneumatic Wheels. Overall Size – 610L x 710W x 1270H. Weight – 21kg. Cylinder Diameter – 140-380mm.

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    Industrial Gas Cylinder Trolley


    Industrial Gas Cylinder Trolley. For quick, easy and safe movement of most types of gas cylinders. For best control when moving tall cylinders – hold the cylinder valve or valve shroud with one hand and the trolley handle with the other. 250mm puncture proof wheel Zinc Plated 8.5kg weight

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    Universal Sack Truck


    Universal Trolley, for KEGS – CYLINDERS – CRATES etc. Handles – all sizes of beer kegs and casks up to 22 gallons. 4 small or 1 large dispense gas cylinder. Stacks of crates, cases or wine boxes 250mm puncture proof wheel Zinc Plated. Includes Retention Chain. Ideal keg Hook that can swivel for 2 different…