Weld Star Infinium Powerful 4-In-1 Multi-Process Welder with LCD

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Weld Star Infinium 4 In 1 Mult Process Welder LCD

Introducing the Infinium Inverter Multi-Process Welding Machine, a cutting-edge solution engineered with advanced features and state-of-the-art technology. This versatile tool is designed to provide operators with a seamless and user-friendly experience through its intuitive 5” LCD screen interface.

Unlock a world of welding possibilities with a range of processes, including:

  • MIG/MAG Synergic
  • MIG/MAG Pulse
  • MIG/MAG Standard
  • TIG AC/DC (HF/Lift)
  • MMA AC/DC Pulse

Experience precision and efficiency like never before as you navigate through various welding techniques effortlessly. Trust this machine to elevate your welding projects with its advanced capabilities and user-centric design.

Order now to revolutionize your welding experience and take your craftsmanship to new heights. Invest in the future of welding technology with the Infinium.


  1. Compact and Lightweight Design: Utilizing advanced IGBT multi-process inverter technology, it weighs in at only 20 Kg, making it highly portable.
  2. Energy-Efficient PFC Technology: Equipped with Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology, ensuring energy efficiency and accepting a wide range of input voltages, from 95Vac to 265Vac.
  3. Generator Friendly: Adaptable to various power sources, including generators.
  4. Dual Voltage Input Detection: Automatically detects dual voltage inputs for seamless operation.
  5. Smart Fan Technology: Reduces power consumption while preventing the intake of dust and fumes.
  6. Robust Protection: IP23 protection ensures durability in challenging environments.
  7. Compliance: Built to meet EN-60974-1 standards and fully compliant with European Commission Regulation 2019/1784, CE, and UKCA.
  8. Synergic MIG/MAG: Automatically selects welding parameters based on material thickness and voltage, featuring synergic curves for common materials and wires.
  9. Versatile TIG Welding: Includes features such as HF or Lift TIG, pre/post flow gas times, 2T/4T, slope up/down, and pulse for excellent TIG welding in both AC and DC.
  10. Smart TIG Function: Advanced TIG welding features like multi-wave, Q start, and hybrid TIG, with user-friendly setup.
  11. MMA Capability: Supports both DC and AC MMA with features such as pulse and automatic current regulation based on electrode diameter.
  12. Hot Start Arc Ignition: Built-in function ensures excellent arc ignition in MMA, with self-adaptive arc force technology for optimal conditions, even with long welding cables.
  13. Voltage Reduction Device (VRD): Enhances safety by reducing the risk of electric shock.
  14. Programmable Settings: Save up to 10 programs for quick and efficient setup.
  15. Error Code Menu: Simplifies fault and troubleshooting diagnosis with an advanced error code menu.
  16. USB Connectivity: Convenient panel-mounted USB connection for quick and easy firmware updates.
  17. Accessory Options: Available with a range of accessories, including on-torch remote, foot pedal, and a 2-wheel trolley for enhanced versatility.


Weld Star

Weld Star is a leading brand of welding products, known for their high-quality wires, electrodes, and Infinium welding machines.
weld star


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