Tecna 16 kVA Pneumatic Microprocessor Control TE101

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16Kva Column Spot Welder.Pneumatic C/W TE101 Microprocessor Control

Key Features

– Arms adjustable in length allowing a better working flexibility
– Chrome-copper electrode holders for long life and heavy duty service, designed for straight and angled fitting.
– Adjustable electrode stroke
-Epoxy resin coated transformer
– Water cooled transformer, arms and electrodes
– Microprocessor control unit TECNA TE101
– The air operated lubrication free cylinder eliminates oil mist
– Electrode force adjustment with air filter reducer with gauge
– Semi-automatic drainage system
– Electrode speed control valves, shock absorber for cylinder’s end of stroke and air discharge silencers
– Two-stage electric foot pedal, that besides its normal use in automatic and single spot mode, allows the operator to bring the pieces together and to weld them only when correctly positioned
– Pre-arrangement for the connection of a second electric
two-stage foot pedal (item 70284)
– The addition of the second foot pedal allows the operator to recall two different adjustments of time current. This function is helpful when different kinds of welding are to be performed on the same place
– The TECNA TE101 is a microprocessor-based welding control.. The weld control is used to control the movement of the welder and the thyristor / silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) that regulates the welding current. The working program followed by the TECNA TE101 is created through the 13 programming parameters available in the control. The TE 101 may be used for both manual and pneumatic-operated welders.


– Synchronous thyristor drive with phase-shift control for welding current adjustment.
– Built in ammeter (RMS value), 2 selectable ranges (18-56 kA).
– Storing of 99 welding programs.
– Inputs for external selection of 31 programs or 15 programs with parity control.
– Welding times adjustment in half-periods.
– Pre-weld, slope and pulse functions.
– Welding current control limits. Error condition signaling output and function to stop welder operation.
– Single and repeat operating mode. WELD/NO WELD function.
– Welding current compensation function to assist welding of oxidised sheets and rods.
– Possibility to connect two independent start of cycle device using different welding programs.
– Auto retain disabling for manually actuated welders.
– First phase shift delay adjustment. It enables the machine line current best balance.
– Cos φ adjustment, allow to optimise current adjustment linearity.
– End of cycle output for automation applications.
– Thermostatic protection input.
– Self-adjustment to the mains frequency 50/60 Hz.
– Control of solenoid valve 24 Vdc 7,2 W max with short circuit protection.
– Optional insulated RS 232 interface. Allow the connection with a printer or a personal computer for production data recording.



TECNA S.p.A., is based in Bologna Italy, it has been working in the field of resistance welding since the beginning of the ‘70s and has become an internationally renowned company specialised in the production of a vast range of spot and projection welding machines.


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