Stealth Digi-Cut 40 Tip Contact Cutting 30-40A (5 per pack)

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Introducing the Stealth Digi-Cut 40 Tip Contact Cutting set, designed to revolutionize your metalworking experience. Crafted for precision and efficiency, these cutting tips are a game-changer in the realm of plasma cutting.

With a power range of 30-40A, these cutting tips ensure optimal performance across a variety of applications, from intricate designs to heavy-duty tasks. The pack includes five tips, providing an ample supply to keep your projects running smoothly without interruption.

What sets the Stealth Digi-Cut 40 Tip Contact Cutting set apart is its advanced technology. The stealth design minimizes turbulence, resulting in cleaner cuts and reduced dross formation, saving you time and effort during post-cut cleanup. Additionally, the digital interface offers precise control, allowing you to adjust settings with ease for customized cutting results.

Not only does the Stealth Digi-Cut 40 Tip Contact Cutting set enhance your cutting precision, but it also boosts productivity and cost-effectiveness. By optimizing power usage and minimizing wastage, these cutting tips help you maximize the value of your equipment and materials.

Upgrade your plasma cutting game with the Stealth Digi-Cut 40 Tip Contact Cutting set and experience unparalleled performance, efficiency, and quality in every cut. Elevate your metalworking projects to new heights with this indispensable tool in your arsenal.



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