Kosangas Gaslow 27mm Clip On Propane Side Entry Adaptor

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Kosangas Gaslow 27mm Clip On Propane Side Entry Adaptor

Introducing the Kosangas Gaslow 27mm Clip On Propane Side Entry Adaptor – Your Ultimate Solution for Effortless Gas Cylinder Conversion!

Upgrade your gas experience with the Kosangas Gaslow 27mm Clip-on Adaptor, expertly crafted by Cavanga. This versatile adaptor is specifically designed to convert 27mm clip-on gas cylinders, including popular brands like Flogas/ Calor Gas patio gas cylinders, Flogas/ Calor Gas BBQ Gas cylinders, and BP Light gas cylinders, to a convenient 21.8LH screw thread.

Key Features:

  1. Universal Compatibility: Seamlessly converts various 27mm clip-on gas cylinders to a 21.8LH screw thread, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of cylinders, including the French Le Cube cylinder.
  2. Optimal Pressure Output: The output pressure through the adapter matches the cylinder pressure, providing a consistent and reliable performance. Connects effortlessly to a 37mbar regulator via high-pressure pigtails for enhanced efficiency.
  3. Flexible Hose Compatibility: Compatible with all Gaslow 21.8LH Stainless Steel & Rubber Hoses, offering flexibility in your gas setup. Easily connects to Gaslow Local Cylinder connection hoses for added convenience.
  4. Smart Design for Versatility: The 90-degree extended outlet design ensures a perfect fit, especially on cylinders with collars that may obstruct a straight connection. Experience hassle-free installation in any scenario.
  5. Gaslow Local Cylinder Connection: Connects seamlessly to the Gaslow Local Cylinder connection hose, effortlessly converting the 21.8LH fitting on the 01-4500 hose to fit a 27mm gas cylinder connection.
  6. Safety First: Please note that this adaptor is not a pressure regulator, ensuring you have the right tools for the job without compromising safety.

Manufacturer: Cavanga

Included for your convenience: Instruction leaflet enclosed

Upgrade your gas setup with confidence using the Kosangas Gaslow 27mm Clip-on Adaptor – your go-to solution for efficient and reliable gas cylinder conversion. Order yours today and enjoy a seamless gas experience like never before!


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