Mosa Magicweld 250 – 110v

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The Mosa Magic Weld 250 is a petrol engine driven welder with a 110V generator output. Perfect for site work where a mains power source is not available, the Magic Weld 250 produces 250A DC welding output at an impressive 220A @ 35% duty cycle. With a dry weight of 71KG it is lightweight enough to move in and out of a van or workshop or easily manoeuvrable with the additional wheels and handles kit.

A 16A 110V socket provides 2.1kVA, for powering of fixed speed power tools, lighting etc.

The tank capacity of 6.1 litres provides a running time @ 60% load of 2.8 hours.

Mosa Magic Weld 250 Features
This compact generator welder utilises the reliable and quality 13 HP Honda GX390 engine with features such as:

Oil alert
Stage 5 Compliance
Overload protection
Patented auto idle control ? An electromagnetic controlled Solenoid forces the engine speed to a minimum when not under load. When the load is present, welding or auxiliary output, the electromagnet is not supplied any more and the engine speed goes to the maximum
Digital welding control.
Permanent magnet alternator: the alternator has 2 galvanically separated windings, one for welding and the other for the auxiliary output.
D.C. chopped auxiliary output: the auxiliary output is chopped every 50 msec. in order to prevent damages to switches of hand tools due to arcing. This special D.C. auxiliary is suitable not only for universal hand tools with brushes, but also for those with electronic speed control. In this case the limit is that these tools can run at the maximum speed only, without possibility of speed regulation.

The Mosa Magic Weld 250 is capable of welding all types of electrode up to 5mm. The Magic Weld series feature a patented MOSA ?Power Optimizer? function, a specific control technique aimed at preventing the engine overload when working near to its power limit. With the ? Power Optimizer ? it is possible to ensure stable and optimal operation in all the welding conditions, exploiting the full power of the engine .



Mosa's products are renowned for their reliability, durability, and ease of use, making them a popular choice for professionals working in remote locations.


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