Max Photonics MA1-35 Laser Welder 800W With Wire Feed Unit

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Introducing the Max Photonics MA1-35 Laser Welder 800W With Wire Feed Unit

Explore the cutting-edge world of laser welding with the MAX PHOTONICS MA1-35 Handheld Laser Welding Machine, boasting 800W of power and crafted by industry leaders, Max Photonics. This portable laser welder is specifically designed for welding metals up to 3.5mm thickness, making it ideal for high-production welding applications. Say goodbye to traditional welding techniques, as laser welding is up to 4 times faster, enhancing efficiency and revolutionizing the welding landscape.

Equipped with a wire feeder capable of handling 0.6 – 1.2mm wire, this machine introduces filler material seamlessly, akin to MIG and TIG cold wire feeders. The MA1-35 accommodates 5 or 15KG wire spools, providing versatility for various welding projects.

Achieve impeccable welds with high strength and minimal post-weld cleanup. Laser welding minimizes the heat-affected zone, reducing warping in thinner materials. The package includes a power source, a 4.3mm laser welding torch, and a wire feeder for a comprehensive welding solution.

Laser Welding Material Thicknesses:

  • Stainless Steel: Up to 3.5mm
  • Mild Steel: Up to 3.5mm
  • Galvanized Sheet: Up to 3.5mm
  • Aluminium Plate: Up to 3.0mm
  • Brass: Up to 2.5mm

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight and compact at 29KG, encased in a robust casing.
  • Ergonomically designed laser torch for comfort, stability, and ease of use.
  • Embedded with 32 pre-set modes and the ability to save 32 custom parameter settings.
  • Quick and easy to use, suitable for beginners with 30-minute training sessions.
  • Advanced operators can customize parameters for different materials and thicknesses.
  • Synergic setup for joint configuration, material type, and plate thickness.
  • Fish scale welding mode for a stacking dime effect, similar to TIG welding.
  • Switch between CW (Continuous Wave), pulse, and shooting modes.
  • 7-inch touch screen for easy navigation.
  • Wobble parameters explained for increased beam diameter and wider welds.

Applications and Materials:

  • Low radiation, environmentally friendly.
  • Up to 4 times faster than TIG and MIG welding.
  • Good aesthetic, perfect, neat welding seam, deep molten pool, and high strength.
  • Low learning difficulty.
  • Low heat-affected zone, minimizing bending deformation.
  • Uniform molten pool and good consistency across various materials.

Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 588mm x 265mm x 512mm
  • Weight: 29KG
  • Volume: <0.1m³
  • Wavelength: 1080nm
  • Operating Mode: Continuous and pulsed
  • Output Power: 800W
  • Input Voltage: 230VAC
  • Wobble: 0-6mm
  • Wobble Frequency: 0 – 280HZ
  • Preset Process Parameters: 32 Groups
  • Continuous Light Output Time: Light 120S, Stop 6S

Continuous Wave and Pulse Laser Welding Explained:

  • CW mode for uninterrupted laser beams, ideal for deeper penetration welds.
  • Pulsed mode for short bursts, minimizing heat input and reducing warping.


  • Manufactured by industry leader Max Photonics with over 18 years of experience.
  • Tested in the UK by trained service engineers and supported by Wilkinson Star in Manchester.
  • Demonstrations available at the Manchester welding academy, including test pieces and videos.
  • 2-year warranty on the power source and 12 months on the laser torch.
  • Confidence in the machines demonstrated by the provision of a loan machine during breakdowns.

Safety and Further Information:

  • Class 4 laser with potential hazards requires appropriate PPE, training, and enclosures.
  • Demonstrations available in Manchester with the provision of a welding enclosure if the bay is not purchased.

Explore the Future of Welding – Watch the Product Video Above!


  • Supported by Wilkinson Star in the UK.
  • 2-year warranty on the power source.
  • 12 months warranty on the laser torch.
  • Loan machine provided during breakdowns for minimal downtime.


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