HMT VersaDrive® DrillSink 10mm Drill Bit x 16.5mm Countersink (M8)

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Unlock unprecedented efficiency in metalworking tasks with the HMT VersaDrive® DrillSink 10mm Drill Bit x 16.5mm Countersink (M8). This revolutionary tool streamlines your workflow by seamlessly drilling and countersinking fixing holes in a single operation, eliminating the need for multiple tools and ensuring perfect alignment and accuracy.

Crafted with ground flutes for impeccable precision and durability, the VersaDrive® DrillSink boasts integrated pilot drills that prevent common issues like tool chatter and blunting, delivering consistent results with every use. Its patented non-slip Hex shank design fits effortlessly into any standard 1/2″ drill chuck for cordless or pistol drills, while also offering compatibility with VersaDrive Rapid Lock adapters for a wide range of power tools, including Magnetic Drills.

Here are some key benefits of the VersaDrive® DrillSink:

Time-saving Convenience: Combine drilling and countersinking operations into one seamless process to accelerate your metalworking projects.

Precision Engineering: Achieve perfect concentricity and accuracy with every countersink, thanks to the integrated pilot drill and ground flutes.

Enhanced Durability: Industrial-grade Titanium Nitride coating reduces heat buildup and burn-out, ensuring long tool life and consistent performance.

Secure Operation: The heavy-duty hex shank design provides a secure, non-slip grip for stable operation in various drilling conditions.

Versatile Compatibility: VersaDrive patented shank and modular adapters offer unbeatable jobsite flexibility, enabling compatibility with a wide range of power tools.

For optimum performance, use the VersaDrive® DrillSink with rotary pistol drills and magnet drills, ensuring proper lubrication and RPM settings. It’s also suitable for use on harder materials like stainless steel when operated at reduced RPM.

Upgrade your metalworking arsenal with the HMT VersaDrive® DrillSink and experience unmatched efficiency and precision in every project.

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