HMT GoldMax 90′ Magnet Drill Countersink 55mm

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HMT GoldMax 90′ Magnet Drill Countersink 55mm

Introducing the HMT GoldMax 90′ Magnet Drill Countersink 55mm, a game-changer in precision engineering. Crafted with excellence and coated with the innovative GoldMax™ technology, these countersinks redefine durability and efficiency in tooling.

Designed with a standard 19.05mm Weldon shank, the HMT GoldMax™ Countersinks seamlessly integrate with all standard magnet drills, ensuring universal compatibility and hassle-free operation.

What sets these countersinks apart is their GoldMax™ coating, engineered to extend tool life significantly. Experience prolonged sharpness and unparalleled performance compared to conventional HSS tools. With the HMT GoldMax™ Countersinks, you not only enhance productivity but also maximize cost savings by reducing the frequency of tool replacements.

Invest in superior quality, invest in longevity, and elevate your machining capabilities with HMT GoldMax™ Countersinks. Experience the difference that precision engineering combined with cutting-edge technology can make in your operations.


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Weight 0.416 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5.5 × 5.5 cm


Holemaker Technology

Holemaker Technology is a specialist manufacturer of cutting and drilling products.


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