CO2 Disposable Gas Cylinder 1100g , E290 Food Grade for sparkling water and Beer, 2.2L – M10*1RH

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CO2 Disposable Gas Cylinder 1100g

Food Grade CO2 for Drink Dispensing, E290 Food Grade.

CO2 food-quality carbon dioxide is ideal for dispensing soft drinks and some Beers and Lagers

Cylinder specs

CO2 E290 Food Grade

Volume: 2,2 Litres

Pressure to +20C: 100 bar (220 Litre)

Dimension (mm): Diam. 320 x Length 330

Weight/Tare (gr): 2880

Material: Steel P355NB EN 10120

Valve: Uni EN 10297 – UNI EN 13340

Non Refillable Gas Bottle: EN 12205 TPED

Cylinder fitting thread is M10x1rh

1 x Co2 disposable gas bottles


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