3M Speedglas Inner Lens 42 X 91mm Packet 5

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Upgrade your welding gear’s defense system with the 3M Speedglas Inner Lens 42 X 91mm Packet 5, ensuring unparalleled protection for your 3M™ Speedglas™ Welding Filter Series 100 and older models like 9002D/9002V. Crafted precisely at 42×91 mm, these inner cover plates act as a sturdy barrier, safeguarding the filter’s interior against the onslaught of sparks and spatter. By maintaining clarity and longevity, this accessory ensures uninterrupted workflow and enhanced safety standards.

Stay proactive by replacing the inner lens whenever signs of wear such as deep pits, scratches, or excessive soiling emerge, guaranteeing consistent performance over time. For optimal results, incorporate regular cleaning routines using a soft cloth, preserving the integrity of the lens surface. Elevate your welding experience with this indispensable component, prioritizing safety and visibility in every project. Trust in the reliability of 3M’s engineering to empower your welding endeavors with superior protection and clarity, enabling you to focus on precision and efficiency with peace of mind.



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