HMT VersaDrive ImpactaTap M5 x 0.8mm

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Upgrade your tapping process with the HMT VersaDrive ImpactaTap M5 x 0.8mm, engineered for unparalleled efficiency. Experience tapping speeds up to 15 times faster than traditional methods, thanks to its innovative design tailored for impact wrenches and drivers.

Key Features:

  • Impact Chipbreaker action ensures efficient swarf evacuation, keeping your workflow seamless.
  • Unique twin-point cutting geometry with ground flutes guarantees precise and swift creation of internal threaded holes.
  • Industrial-grade Titanium Nitride coating minimizes heat buildup and burn-out, extending tool longevity.
  • Heavy-duty hex shank design provides secure, non-slip operation for enhanced safety and stability.
  • Dual hardening process enables impact-rated performance, facilitating rapid tapping without compromising quality.

Versatile Application:

  • Compatible with standard 1/2″ drill chuck for cordless or pistol drills, and with VersaDrive Rapid Lock adapter for a wide range of power tools.
  • Perfect for use in magnetic drills or even by hand with a socket wrench, offering flexibility across various work environments.

Quick Guide for Optimal Performance:

  • Utilize impact wrenches & drivers for maximum efficiency.
  • Confirm minimum torque requirements for different materials, especially when tapping stainless steel.
  • Apply appropriate lubrication and adjust RPM to ensure prolonged tool life.

Elevate your tapping experience and streamline your workflow with the HMT VersaDrive ImpactaTap M5 x 0.8mm. Unlock unprecedented speed and precision for your threading needs.

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 1.4 × 1.4 cm


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Holemaker Technology is a specialist manufacturer of cutting and drilling products.


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